PSA: The Paris Review has a podcast and it’s pruh good!

The Paris Review recently launched a podcast, and it’s not an interview show! It’s mostly authors and actors reading work published in the review.

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So far I have listened to the first episode which dropped on November 8th and included Wallace Shawn reading Denis Johnson’s “Car-Crash while Hitchhiking,” a stark and surreal story reminiscent of Cortázar’s “La Noche Boca Arriba” but with an American wasteland feel. There were also lovely bits of interviews — one with Maya Angelou when she talks about reading the bible aloud to herself while she writes to remind herself of the sonics of the English language, the commanding, broad, and timeless English common to biblical translations. Maya Angelou wrote while lying in bed and drinking sherry. Isn’t that fun? I too write in bed. Perhaps I ought to add a few nips of sherry to this scenario. Mmm, perhaps I ought to learn to like sherry.

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