I’m in the mood…

…to be a consumer!

I don’t enjoy shopping, and it isn’t my hobby, like some bizarre stereotype perpetuated by hollywood and women’s magazines.  

But sometimes I get the itch for the bright lights and shiny newness of stores, malls, movie theaters, and places where I can spend a little money on something that will make me feel brand new.

But I must fight the feeling for two main reasons:

  1. Epic waste of money, which I’m not jumping into piles of like a child into leaves on an autumn day
  2. I feel like a dirtbag supporting stores that I know take advantage of their employees and get their stock from sweatshops, and these are mostly the stores I can afford to shop at.


Andy Warhol said that, not me. I actually like thinking! How does a thoughtful person feed the hunger to buy? Ideas:

  1. Grocery shop and buy something indulgent (fancy salt, the more expensive cabbage?!) 
  2. Go to the movies!
  3. Watch an episode of Sex and the City. Those women live with a disregard for financial security so preposterous and extreme you can feel it vicariously.
  4. Buy something from a thrift shop.
  5. Buy someone a present. This is a great secret. I Christmas shop year round! And I’m usually done by November.

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