this is my lunch, I could make it look better but what’s the point?

Alternative title: I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.

tilapia, desk lunch,
desk lunch

Tilapia pan fried (breaded to make me forget it’s tilapia and think it’s something better), I buy this at Aldi because it’s insanely cheap, and they sell some with a sustainably caught crest, and this is my compromise for not being a vegetarian even though I know that I ought to be.

The olives are really nice because they’re so fatty and salty they keep me grounded. I have low blood pressure/ feel half alive when I’m at work so I think the salt helps. They were part of a Spanish medley at Mariano’s (Chicago-area grocery stores that are like Publix or Stop & Shop but much better). And sun-dried tomatoes make everything taste more interesting. I feel I am more interesting and mature eating sun-dried tomatoes.

What do you eat for lunch? One of my dear friends swears by a tub of this hummus with a bag of baby carrots. I often do a similar thing when I’m too lazy or busy to cook, though I don’t have the brand loyalty she has, and I usually buy baba ganoush because I prefer it to hummus.